Streamlined mobile ticketing for public transit

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How it Works

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Determine what types of tickets your agency would like to offer. You, of course, have full control over ticket attributes.

Watch Ridership Grow

Increase customer satisfaction by making it easier to catch a ride.

Analyze the Data

With Hopthru's backend portal, you have total access to all of your ridership data. Know who is riding, when and where.

No need to create an app from scratch

Agencies that use Hopthru don't have to spend time and money "reinventing the wheel" of mobile ticketing by hiring third-party developers to build and maintain individual apps.

No upfront fees

Our multi-agency approach gives us the ability to provide our service without charging upfront fees.

No infrastructure changes needed

There's no hardware needed to adopt Hopthru.

Base Security

Hopthru utilizes industry-standard PCI compliant payment processing and fraud prevention services for all transactions. Tickets bought with Hopthru also use multiple visual and touchscreen validation systems to confirm legitimacy. Increased security measures such as QR codes can be implemented upon request.

Dynamic Animations

Each ticket purchased on Hopthru displays moving components to prevent the use of fraudulent screenshots.

Touch Screen Validation

Ticket animations occur when a phone's screen is tapped, making it impossible to fraudulently simulate a ticket.

Unique Designs

Every ticket type and transit agency has a different design. We work with you to create the perfect ticket.

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Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

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