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Hopthru Analyze presenting boardings per revenue hour at the system level
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Know your ridership like
never before

Know your ridership like never before

Hardware Agnostic

No need to retrofit your fleet. Maximize the data you already have.


Hopthru produces accurate data that you can trust for federal reporting and analysis.


No need to request massive data dumps. Hopthru connects directly with your APC system so you have data when you need it.

Designed for every stage of the process

What our customers say

A headshot of Christian Londono. Manager of

"Unlocks the power of our APCs"

Hopthru plays a critical role in strategic service planning; allowing for a surgical approach to our service improvements.

Christian Londono
Palm Tran
A headshot of Katie Persons, Director of Service Planning at NCTD

"Mission Critical"

Having an acute understanding of how our riders use our service is critical for continuous improvement. Hopthru ensures that our Service Planning team never misses a beat.

Katie Persons
North County Transit District
A headshot of Christopher Belden, Director of Planning and Grants at Duluth Transit Authority

"Eliminates complexity"

Before Hopthru, diving into our APC data was a dreaded process. Now, we can understand every nook and cranny of our data in minutes.

Christopher Belden
Duluth Transit Authority

Hopthru Cleanse

APC processing for NTD certification

Hopthru Analyze

Detailed analysis at every level of your system