Hopthru Analyze

Hopthru Analyze presenting how average daily boardings have trended for Route 101

Identify changing demand with trend analysis

Is our most recent service change being received as expected? How does demand fluctuate throughout the seasons?

Answer these questions instantaneously with Hopthru's trend analysis to see how performance and demand change over time.

Fine tune route efficiencies by looking at the trip level

Realize large-scale efficiency boosts by iterating on the service foundation that’s already set.

Hopthru Analyze presenting average daily boardings for the 7:03am trip at the stop level
A monthly performance report built in the Insights Builder

Build your own queries with our Insights Builder

With Hopthru’s Insights Builder, you can build, save, and distribute custom reports. Surface insights on specific routes, stops, trips, or blocks and filter the data any way you like.